For our clients

We're not about that corporate 'fluff' or placing our worth on high KPI's & hitting targets - we leave that to others because it's just not in our DNA.

We prefer to partner with out clients, to deliver results as if we worked there ourselves. That's what really makes us one of a kind.

Why do we call it Intelligent Recruitment?

The world is changing, and fast. The way people do business is fundamentally changing and so should our thinking, that's why we've done something brand new.

We've partnered with an emotional intelligence expert, incorporating behavioural science so you can better understand your new employee and how they emotionally respond.

Onboarding & initial training can be a tough process. Our assessments are designed to simplify the unknown for all parties and increase onboarding efficiency & speed.

Know how they like to learn, before they start.

Our successful candidates undertake a Modality Assessment, determining their default learning style. This information is particularly important with new starters because it will allow you to tailor the delivery of their training.

We do this by analysing their answers and offering simple training techniques to utilise, that work for the employee. This greatly reduces the learning curve and eliminates any confusion so the employee can focus on the material and not interpreting a new trainer style.


Let us help you with their preferred interaction stlye.

Our Interaction Profile outlines the new employee's emotional response to feedback, including change, praise and hard conversations.

We present this information to the employees leader, with commentary on how best to tailor their interactions to get the best outcomes.

It takes the guess work out, so you can assess their performance, whilst minimising stress and avoiding a negative emotional response.


Let us put the ‘consulting’ back into the recruitment process. If you want to try something new, reach out to us today.