Meet the Team.

We get out of bed because we love what we do.

It's about the positive experience, meeting new people, talking with old friends and keeping good company with passionate like minded people.

We're always up for a chat & a coffee!

Steve Addis

Founder / Managing Director

Originally from South London.

I'm fallible, I'm useless at DIY, I dislike coffee, I get drunk way to quick and I have no time for large egos - I also believe clowns are all evil - but I digress. 

I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry, I like the people I meet, everyone - so unique. I like to talk shop.

I'm a good Recruiter (some say great, but reference "I hate large egos" comment earlier), who has listened, advised & guided people to make great career choices. Quite a few have become firm friends, many of whom have gone on to run their own divisions & successful businesses.




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